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The 11 Angels foundation was founded in March 2014 in memory of our Angel Christine Nicolopoulos, she was diagnosed with terminal cancer in 2012, which she fought courageously untill November 2013, where she was laid to rest.


We at 11 Angels endeavour to highlight the often daunting reality faced by terminally ill patients. Insufficient access to medication, irrespective of whether patients are covered by a medical aid, or not, regrettably often means that the terminally ill are denied the dignity and palliative care which would otherwise make their remaining days bearable.


It is by now common knowledge that Medical aid schemes tend to only cover the symptomatic aspects of a terminal illness, whilst ignoring the attendant pain and suffering which such an illness entails. This oversight subsequently means that patients are denied physical comfort or death with dignity.


We at 11 Angels therefore, intend assisting terminally ill patients, and their families, to explore every possible treatment available, locally and abroad, which might be curative for the illness, or which will at least help to ameliorate the pain and suffering. This might then offer patients hope, and in some cases healing.


 11 Angels seeks to embrace those who are suffering from a terminal illness, or from some of the indignities of  old age, so as to provide hope,  and relief from financial burden, thus affording patients a better quality of  life, to be spent unfettered with those that they love most.


"Good actions give strength to ourselves and inspire good actions in others"  Plato

Dr Sue Walters



As a founder of 11Angels, and as a palliative specialist, Dr Sue Walters promotes an holistic approach to the treatment of patients suffering from life limiting illnesses. Dr Walters provides highly specialised medical interventions coupled with highly personalised doctor/patient encounters. Because palliative care aims to provide comfort for patients, so as to ease their pain and suffering, much emphasis is placed on providing relief from symptoms, end of life care in comfortable and familiar surroundings, as well as on reassuring patients and their loved ones. This is particularly relevant for patients suffering from illnesses such as  Cancer, HIV/AIDS, renal failure, liver and heart failure, dementia, and multiple sclerosis.


Dr Walters provides both home and hospital based care. The latter at the Morningside and Rosebank Clinics. Dr Walters will conduct a comprehensive assessment on patients, and will focus on the physical, psychological and social aspects of care. The assessment will then be regularly reviewed, dependent on the patient’s condition.

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